We empower our clients with the right tools to improve their decision making

At Ravit Insights, we are experts in developing highly scalable, dynamic, threeway integrated financial models, so that you can focus on what ’s important – strategic decision making, forward planning and execution.

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Our Services

Don’t worry if what you are looking for is not listed below. Ultimately, what we do is help businesses make informed decisions. Get in touch with us for a free consultation and we can discuss your needs. 

Debt Advisory

If you are applying for a commercial loan from the bank, and they are asking for information you’re not familiar with (cash flow or three-way forecasts), chances are that you are finding it difficult to obtain loan approval.

We work with businesses to prepare the financial information often required by banks. This can help smooth the application process and improves the chance of obtaining a commercial loan.

Maximising Business Value

If you’ve considered selling your business, you may be looking to maximise the sale price.

We provide businesses with performance and efficiency insights to help improve the value of the business.

Project Feasibility

If your business is deciding whether to proceed with a project (e.g. commercial developments, new business product lines, expansion into new markets etc.), you may be asking whether it is worth the time, effort and money.

To help make informed choices, we assist businesses with understanding the financial implications of these potential decisions.

Cash Flow Insights

If your business is profitable but you constantly request to overdraw bank accounts, receive calls about overdue payments or pay excessive interest on overdrafts, you may have cash flow issues.

We help to identify and address potential cash flow gaps, so that businesses can reduce the occurrence of such stressful situations.

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We take the guesswork out of commercial strategy

Our team is driven by:


At Ravit Insights, we strive to develop assets that add value to your business decision making


We don’t stop at a vanilla solution; we aim to identify your business drivers, so our solutions are relevant to your decision making.


We understand the difference in scale and spend between businesses, so we adapt our approach to what is specific to you.

Our Team

Jun Yan


Jun has been active in the finance industry since 2011 which includes various roles within one of the Big 4 Banks in Australia. Jun has worked in providing financing for growth and working capital, as well as process solutions to both private and ASX-listed companies in health, insurance, retail, manufacturing, wholesale, technology, property and construction.

AJ Pasanovic

Senior Analyst

AJ completed his Bachelor of Economics at the University of La Trobe. Following the completion of his degree, AJ started his career in one of the Big 4 Banks in Australia and held various positions including Residential Lending, Business Credit Analyst & Business Banking Manager roles.

Tim Emonson

Technical Advisor

With over 20 years of spreadsheet modelling experience, Tim is one of Australia’s foremost financial modellers, both in building financial models and leading financial modelling teams. His experience covers a wide range of industries including energy, utilities, infrastructure, government, defence, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications and transport.

Tony Chau

Technical Advisor

Tony has an extensive skill set as a former engineer and consultant. He has previously advised a client base spanning multiple levels of federal, state and local government with a focus in securing infrastructure project funding.

Chana Tsai


Chana has worked as a franchise business consultant in one of the leading health and wellness companies in Australia. Her experience includes assisting investors in analysing business opportunities. She has also been involved in investigating areas for improvement in businesses through short and long term business planning in areas such human resources, financial planning, sales, operations as well as back and front-end management.

Jonson Lian


Jonson graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Master’s degree in Management (Accounting) He was the recipient of the Eric J. Ingram Prize for achieving the highest result in the subject, ‘strategic cost management’. Jonson is passionate about learning real-life business skills and is keen to help make a difference in Australia’s business landscape.

Barbara Chung

Marketing Co-ordinator

Barbara is an architect/designer with a background in commercial, public and private scale projects. At Ravit Insights, she is the designer and co-ordinator for all of the company’s branding and marketing material.

Ravit Insights’ Partners

We strive to deliver high quality decision-making tools and services tailored to the needs of our clients. To achieve this level of quality, we leverage off, and engage key technology and collaboration partners. 


Key Technology Partner

Provides best in class software that is helping to redefine the process of developing Microsoft Excel-based financial models. Its content management platform helps to foster and grow the community of model developers.


Key Technology Partner

Provides best in class software to create two-way connections to Xero and Quickbooks. We use DataDear to help our clients create and automate consolidation three-way models, improve reporting, as well as keep their data “live” with direct connections into their Xero and Quickbooks.

Everrich Finance

Key Collaboration Partner

Everrich Finance was founded in Melbourne 2017 as a mortgage brokerage firm, specialising in residential, commercial, investment and business lending.

Mission Grow

Key Collaboration Partner

Business advisory partner, supporting entrepreneurs in making inspired, informed and timely decisions.

Model Citizn

Key Collaboration Partner

Our collaboration partner on highly complex transactions. They bring decades of experience in financial services, property, technology, social impact, investment trust, and government tenders.


Key Collaboration Partner

OBICO delivers CFO & Advisory services.


Key Collaboration Partner

Accounting partner we've worked with providing Taxation, Accounting and Bookkeeping services.

Standard Ledger

Key Collaboration Partner

A collaborative partner who provides the full suite of services to start-ups and SMEs from bookkeeping, accounting all the way to CFO advisory services. Standard Ledger’s goal is to help start-ups stay in business and ultimately to grow over time.


Financial health check: Why you can’t manage your business by your bank account


It’s the start of the year, and in these early days, it’s natural to take a look at how your business is going financially. The unfortunate thing is that this step is often where SMEs make their biggest mistake. They look straight at their bank account and that’s it. I’m guilty of this too, and in Ravit Insights’s dealings with a wide range of companies, the same holds true for other owners.

We too frequently take the shortcut of looking at how much cash is in the bank to guide key decisions. When running a business it can be very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations and looking for shortcuts like this one can land you in trouble.

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3 years on…

Happy new year and welcome to 2020!

Before I start, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that while most of us are celebrating the new year, the country’s serious bush fire crisis is ongoing. I wish all the firefighters and other emergency services well and thank you all for your service. We encourage everyone to join us in a show of support by donating, no matter how big or small, to help support and provide some relief to these brave volunteers.

Click here to make a donation to the CFA for all their hard work and bravery

2019 in review…

When I started this venture back in 2017, I set out on a new challenge, and it was an exciting time.

Three years on, the excitement remains, but for vastly different reasons. In the three years since, there has been significant changes to the business with lots of learning and experiences – both highs and lows.

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’tis the season – so is your business prepared?

For most Australians December is either a time where your foot is flat to the floor, or you’re winding down and focusing on the next end of year lunch.

Knowing which camp you fit into is vital for all Australian small and medium businesses.

For the gelato store near St Kilda beach in Melbourne a warm summer with more tourists and beach days can make their business profitable for the entire year, even through the dark days of winter. The same goes for the retail stores, which despite declining economic environment, often rely on a very busy Christmas to buoy their annual turnover.

However, for others, like consulting firms or those in financial services, December signals a time to wind down. Often businesses will really slow down over late December and early January, with some taking a much needed break.

Whichever camp, or another, you’re in, it is important to understand how seasonality will affect you.

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Why growth is bad for your bank balance

Growth is good. But it comes with big challenges.

With the hype in the startup world, growth, in the form of a mythical hockey stick, has become one of the much vaunted and sought after business metrics.

As we frequently see reported globally, the highest growth and highest valued technology startups are rarely profit or cash flow positive – think Uber and WeWork.

What that means for the majority of business owners, is that balancing growth with cash flow or capital needs is one of the key operational challenges.

It’s probably what you’ll lose sleep over (if this is you, take a breath and fill out our growth early warning signs check list).

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Don’t listen to billionaires — they don’t understand your business

When we started Ravit Insights, we followed advice from billionaires and industry experts by putting ourselves in front of potential clients and this is what it got us: radio silence. The truth is, billionaires and experts don’t have a full understanding of our company, and they don’t have a full view of yours either — despite what they would have you believe on LinkedIn and Instagram.

They got to their high level of success over a long period of time, and they’ve probably forgotten half of what they’ve done to get there.

The mistake we made was taking their words at face value rather than thinking for ourselves. Following their advice, we priced our solution too high, and we didn’t go anywhere. Instead, we needed to educate ourselves and find people who truly understood what we were trying to achieve and at what scale and pace.

We could have had a lot more clients if we had ignored the experts and trusted our gut straight away. This is the advice we wished we had been given two years ago.

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