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Business lessons from lockdown life 

By January 3, 2022 March 24th, 2022 Reading time: 2 minutes

As we recover from lockdown and with even more restrictions easing, we wanted to share a few quick lessons we learnt from our time in lockdown. 

2021 was a year of stopping and starting and continuing the grind despite the pandemic. We are fortunate not to have to look to pivot our business, or have had to stop work completely like many industries.  

But we’ve seen businesses operate with grace and make smart decisions that will ensure they thrive in the new world. 

1. Don’t immediately burn out in good times 

For this lesson we look to our hairdressers. A very good operator posted towards the end of the lockdown that they would not be opening extra hours. Instead, inviting their clients to pay them respect, they would fit everyone in as they could until they had cleared the backlog. 

It showed courage to potentially disappoint their clients excited for a immediate refresh, but also respect for their staff and team who had previously worked themselves into the ground upon reopening. Sustainable business practices work long-term and good will from respecting staff lasts even longer. 

2. Meet in person (in moderation) 

We are enjoying seeing our colleagues, friends and clients in person again and with that the wonderful connection that comes from meeting face-to-face. But we remember how much energy and time it takes.  

We’re being careful with our time, as a full diary doesn’t always mean a productive day. Meeting in person is and will continue to be important, and we want to make it really count when we do it now. 

3. Find the balance that works for you 

We’ve been operating in many ways in a time of boom or quiet. The big external factors create polarising working conditions, and as we hope to find our way back to the middle ground, we look to find balance again in the new year.  

That might mean working from home but instead of 5 days a week, looking to make it two or three days.  

Some businesses want people back full time, but there will be a period of adjustment, and many have seen the benefits of increased time around family, more time to exercise or just avoiding a lengthy commute.

We hope this article provided you some insights to better understand your business needs. If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them. Contact us today!

Jun Yan

Jun Yan

Jun Yan is the co-founder and director at Ravit Insights. Prior to this, he was a commercial banker at NAB.

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